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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Agents: Do You Need One, How to Get One, and What to Watch For

So, you’re wondering whether or not you need an agent. Well, let me start by asking  you this: how much voice over work have you done? If you’re answer is: I’m brand new at this!, then no, you don’t need an agent. At least not yet.

Let me explain. Talent agents are interested in people who they believe are marketable. The only way to know if you’re marketable - and to prove this to agents - is to have actually done some work. They’re also interested in people who can add something extra to their talent pool. They don’t want 10 people who sound the same; they want unique talents so they have diversity among their resources.

Now, let’s say you’re a bit more experienced, and you’re ready to have some representation. Start by scouting out some reputable agents in your area, and then listening to some of the demos of artists they represent. Think about your sound, and how your voice would be an asset to the agent. This is what you want to focus on, because this is what you’re going to need to sell to the agent. Once you’ve found several who you think you would be a good fit with, start contacting them and sending them your demo.

One more thing about agents: just because one acts like your best friend, it doesn’t mean they are. When you’re shopping around, make sure you use a reputable company that has a dedicated voice over department. You want a person who cares about you and your success, and will work with you as a team. And it’s not necessary to limit yourself to just one agent, either. It’s not uncommon for voice actors to have multiple people representing them, because this increases their chances of landing work. However, you certainly don’t want a conflict of interest, so if you decide to utilize the services of more than one agent, it might be best to make sure your agents are located in different cities or regions. 

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