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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Recording on the Go: 3 Tips to Help You Keep Your Sanity

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, traveling can be an especially stressful time for voice over actor-entrepreneurs. What if you get a script you can’t pass up that needs to be recorded ASAP? What if a client needs a quick edit to a project? What if? What if?!

Simple answer: you take a laptop or tablet and a USB mic with you so you can handle any requests that come through. Now hang on, before you start moaning about sound quality and all that, hear me out. YOU CAN DO THIS. THIS CAN BE DONE. But you need to keep these tips in mind when  you have to record on the go…

Tip #1 Test your equipment and make sure there’s wifi where you’re going. Obviously, for any recording to happen, your equipment has to be functioning and you need to have reliable internet access. So run a quick test of your mic and any other equipment you’re taking, and call ahead to be sure there is wifi available. And make sure you have all your reliable recording/editing software loaded on your device.

Tip #2 Pack everything VERY, and I mean VERY well - especially your mic. Use foam to wrap it, and make sure that your recording items are packed in your carry-on bag if you’re flying. The last thing you need is to have it tossed around in a suitcase by baggage handlers, or worse, get left behind or lost.

Tip #3 Request a quiet room, if possible. Ask the front desk of the place you’re staying at if you can be assigned a room that’s away from the elevator, highway, swimming pool, gym, etc. Ambient noise is going to be your worst enemy with on-the-go recording, so reduce it by finding the quietest spot to record in. Often times, the quietest place may be in your car. Once you find a safe, quiet place to park.

Bonus tip: If you can, consider investing in a Porta-Booth to reduce any noise issues. If you can’t, make like a kid and build a cool pillow fort in your hotel room and record in there! This has been done many times over the years. 

See? You can do this - so enjoy that vacation or business trip and deal with any client requests or new projects as needed! 

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