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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

3 Things You Didn’t Realize Were Hurting Your VO Biz

If you’re anything like me, your voice over business is your baby. It needs your time, attention, devotion, and nurturing - all of which you’re willing to give freely if you’re truly committed to building your brand/business. Even with 100% dedication, though, there are probably a few things you could be doing differently that would help your business grow. By the same token, there are likely some things you’re doing that are actually hurting your voice over business that you weren’t even aware of. Here are 3 of them:

1.    Talking too much. Yes, I know, you’re in the business of talking, right? Wrong. You’re in the business of reading, which is completely different. So many actors make the mistake of talking their clients’ ears off...overselling themselves, giving unsolicited feedback, or just being overly chatty.  Here’s a tip: shhhhhh. Be polite, keep the small talk to a minimum, and do the reading.
2.    Eating right before a reading. That salami and cheese sandwich might look pretty good, but it’s not a good idea to eat it just before recording. When you eat, your body does what it’s supposed to - digest the food. However, bloating, gas, heartburn and other uncomfortable situations commonly occur too, all of which could throw off your reading. Plus, a full stomach can impact your breathing, which can also have a negative effect on the recording. So plan on eating well before a recording session or waiting until after it’s over.
3.    Your website is no good. Your website is one of your greatest marketing tools, but it can also be one the biggest turnoffs for clients. If you overdo it with tons of content or tough-to-navigate pages, people are going to hit that “x” in the corner faster than you say “here’s my demo!”  Keep your site simple and clean, with just the essential info - contact info, about section, demo, etc. 

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