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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Best Apps for Voice Over Actors

Smartphones are increasingly becoming more essential in our day-to-day lives. We use them for everything from keeping in touch with family and friends to managing our finances. Many people also use their mobile devices for work, and voice over actors are no different. Here’s a list of the must-have apps you need on your phone as a VO professional.

     iPerform - This is a great app for organizing your auditions, bookings, and more. iPerform is your go-to personal assistant, keeping track of all your VO work, along with managing your contacts and even your expenses and income.
     Wunderlist - Wunderlist lets you input everything on your to-do list so that nothing gets overlooked. As a voice actor, there are tons of things you do everyday, from reading scripts to managing your website, so it’s easy to forget something now and then. With Wunderlist, this isn’t a problem anymore.
     SpeakEasy Voice Recorder - SpeakEasy Voice Recorder offers surprising clarity and is perfect for quick little recordings or notes to yourself. Obviously, the quality isn’t going to be what you’ll get in a studio, but it’s still a nice little app to have handy.
     A calendar and contact app - If you’ve got a smartphone, the calendar and contact features are already built in, but there are also some pretty great apps out there that can manage this all-important info. Whether you use the built-in feature or download a separate app, make sure to go with a good one that will keep everything clean and organized.
     Financial apps - There are several great apps for managing your VO finances. Try Timewerks, which tracks your billing by item or hour and also has a mobile invoicing feature, Expensify to manage your expenses, or tried and true PayPal for invoicing as well as sending and receiving payments.
     Communication and social media apps - A huge part of VO work is staying in contact with other people! Do this with apps like Skype, and promote yourself through social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter. WebEx and GoToMeeting are perfect for handling meetings with clients, while you can network through LinkedIn.

     Miscellaneous awesome apps - Here’s a short list of other apps that have helped me from time to time: Wordcount, Box or Dropbox, GoodReader, and ActorGenie. 


  1. Hi Rick:

    You should check out PerformerTrack (www.PerformerTrack.com) - it is used by many VO performers. If you would ever like a walk-through/tour of it we would be happy to do it! You can reach us at support@PerformerTrack.com - we look forward to showing you how powerful this application is for VO Performers!

  2. Hi Trish,

    Thanks for jogging my memory! You guys at PerformerTrack have a great track record for the performance industry. I know of several VO talent already using your app! You're up on my blog article now for all to see.

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