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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Where to Look for Local Voice Over Work

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago - these are the biggest areas for finding voice over work. But guess what? They’re not the only areas, and you can still find gigs if you don’t live in one of these major cities. Whether you’re new to the industry or simply looking to expand your voice over presence locally, there are several places you should look. Here are 4 of them:

1.    Small businesses - Take some time to drop into some small businesses in your area, and ask about their marketing plan and if it includes voice over work. Many businesses have advertising needs for television or radio commercials, but no one who can give them the experienced sound they want. Pass along a business card, and offer to send a sample of your work so they know what you’re capable of.
2.    Craigslist and other online marketplaces - Craigslist may have a reputation that risk will be involved with any transaction made through the site, but there’s going to be risk no matter where you look for work. You can advertise your services with your own ad, or you can scroll through posted gigs to see if any suit you.
3.    Advertise in local listings - Both online and in newspapers, there are opportunities for you to advertise your voice over services locally. Online directories like Google and Yahoo are obvious choices, but you can take it step further by verifying your physical location on Google+ Local. Another option is to take out an ad in the newspaper or other local paper, because yes, people do still read them!
4.    Network within local groups - Check to see if there are any voice over groups in your community, or broaden this search by adding acting and radio groups to your list. Attend meetings or events and use the opportunity to network with folks in your area - you may be surprised what you can find through these face-to-face meetings. Attend a few local Chamber of Commerce meetings to meet key members of your local businesses.

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