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Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Fitness Tip #10 From a 32 Year Fitness Novice

Today I’d like to share with you something a bit personal. Something I’m considering changing regarding my basic health. Although I enjoy a trusting, long standing relationship with my primary care doctor, I’m thinking about making a change he may NOT approve of. Under his guidance and with my overall health being above average for my age, (confirmed by my latest annual physical exam this past month) I’ve been prescribed and have been taking a statin drug… Crestor… for several years now. Frankly, I think my doctor may have been making a lab rat out of me. But always with the best of intentions, being a friend and former workout buddy too. Now, as written in my disclaimer below, I am not a doctor, health care professional nor evangelistic snake oil salesman of any kind! I’m simply a healthy guy who plans on staying that way by making all the adjustments needed for a life of wellness.

Several years ago, before Crestor, my LDL (the BAD cholesterol) was over 130. My HDL (GOOD cholesterol) was and still is, over 60. Exercise being a large contributing factor to this. Currently my LDL is in the 70s. The medically acceptable LDL level is now below 80. So, yes, my LDL level is quite low and apparently the Crestor I’ve been on for so long has been the main contributing factor for my good low cholesterol level. However, there has been a lot of information out there piling up regarding the side effects of long and short term statin drug use. Now, I won’t get too technical here but basically, what I’m reading in my research about statin drugs is this. Among the most common side effects are headaches, hoarseness, muscle pain and cramping, stuffy or runny nose, painful or difficult urination, lower back pain and tenderness around the eyes and cheekbones. But the really alarming side effects involve stunted cell growth effecting the nervous system leading to memory loss and even Alzheimers’s disease. And an increased risk of type 2 Diabetes and muscle damage. 
Here’s one link regarding the side effects:  http://statins.mercola.com

Here’s the FDA take on it:  http://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm293330.htm

Now, of course, as a Voice Actor, none of these side effects involving possible damage to my “instrument” is desirable; but certainly neither are the major problems that statin drugs seem to be creating… and that many in the medical community are ignoring. After all, statin drug sales are a multi million dollar industry… 1 in 4 Americans are taking them. There are some doctors out there advocating that almost ALL adults should be on a statin drug as a preventative measure.  

Well, I am considering whether I want to continue taking my statin drug or begin adapting a more “natural” way of controlling my LDL and Triglyceride levels. Just as my approach to Voice Acting, my approach to raising my horses, dogs and cats on my ranch, and my overall approach to health and LIFE, for that matter, has been “natural”, I believe I may stop taking Crestor and add more dietary initiatives. I’ve always believed that whole foods, not heavily processed foods, are much healthier to consume. Fiber rich foods such as oats, bran, nuts, brown rice, and barley, legumes and vegetables such as carrots, brussels sprouts, beets, okra, and eggplant… and fruits… berries, oranges, apples, pears and nectarines, paired with a low salted foods and exercise have proven to lower LDL levels. Here’s a link regarding to this:

While foods like avocado, legumes, oatmeal, tomatoes, halibut and salmon have been proven to raise and/or maintain high HDL levels.  

I’m also considering these supplements for reducing my LDL level in lieu of continuing on Crestor.  Check out these products if you’re also interested in replacing your statin drugs. Or if you are concerned about someone you love who does take these drugs. See links below.

*I’m still researching these products but wanted to share this info with you.
*WARNING: Before making any changes make sure that nothing you begin to take interferes with or causes undesirable side effects with any current medications you may be taking. Even better if you can work with your doctor on gradually replacing your statins.

So I hope you’ve found this information helpful.

See ya' next time for another Friday Fitness Tip!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a fitness expert in any way. I’m not a certified trainer, dietician, or medical doctor… nor do I hold a degree in physical education, dietary science, sports medicine or any other field related to today’s fitness. I am just a normal guy who’s been working out regularly at a gym, 3 - 4 days per week for the last 32 years. I take my health seriously. I figure, I do no service to my profession as a Voice Actor/Voiceover Talent (sometimes on camera) nor to anyone else if I don’t try and maintain good health. And I’ve learned a few things along the way that I’d like to share with you. These ideas work for me and just might work for you. Please consult with your physician before starting an exercise program. Stay tuned for many more tips!   

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