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Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Fitness Tip #7 From a 32-Year Fitness Novice

Well, here we are again, a new year starting and you’re all fired up to to something BIG! You’ve seen the same lame TV and internet commercials most of us have that hound us every year at this time. Buy this new kitchen gadget! Invest in that new self improvement course! Buy these new diet pills and this magic weight loss equipment! Start a whole new career! Well, this IS and WE are an enterprising America. So we have to be very keen about the choices we make. 

Is getting back into good health or getting back into shape one of your goals this year? I really don’t believe in New Years resolutions so I won’t even go there. I DO believe in planning and goal setting. Let me speak directly to my Voice Actor friends out there for a moment. If you don’t think that your overall health affects your performance ability… think again…
because it surely does. But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a few links for more info:


Most of these articles deal with actually keeping the voice and throat area healthy. And, of course, this is very important. But my focus in this blog currently is creating overall good health through exercise as a preventative measure. My VO friends should understand that a healthy body = a healthy mind = a healthy voice. As I’ve outlined in my Friday Fitness Tips #2 - #6, I prefer dedicating to an exercise routine to help ward off sickness, maintain a healthy immune system, increase breath control, increase or maintain strength and flexibility, mental alertness, and sound sleeping patterns. The best way I’ve found to do all of this is with a weekly routine at my local gym. See tips #3,4 & 5 for my routine. 

Now, more on point. Each year at every gym I’ve been a member of since 1983, I’ve seen this same cycle of new members who mean well but sign up at the gym, come and work out for a few weeks… maybe a couple of months and then… I never see them again! They usually get “burned out” by doing too much too soon. Don’t be one of those people. That’s just a waste of time, money and energy. 

First, be ready for fitness! Make sure you’ve got a clean bill of health from your doctor before jumping into an exercise routine. Whether in a gym or not. He may want to see you put restrictions on certain movements, adjust some medications, suggest some exercises to work into your gym routine or simply warn you against stress and strain or address any medical condition you may have such as Asthma, heart disease or past injuries.

When you begin at the gym, ease into what will become your routine… starting with warm ups and stretches. Experiment a bit by trying out each machine. Use only the proper technique as outlined in the illustration sticker on each machine. Use a very low weight plate until you get used to the action produced by each machine. It’s better to get good technique down first before adding weight. You need to give your body a chance to get used to these new movements. You may be a bit sore the next day but you should not experience overwhelming pain or you’ve just overdone it in the gym.

If you’re trying to lose weight, be patient with yourself regarding how long it will take. Remember, it may have taken several months or years for you to put the weight on so it will take several months of regular training to get the weight off. Stick to a healthy, low carb diet but DON’T “remove” all carbs. Carbs are the fuel you’ll need while exercising your body. Protein in your diet will build muscle and other cells.  

Enjoy your time at the gym! It’s a great place to socialize, feel good about yourself and even do a little business. I’ve actually found a few new clients or created new relationships that lead to new work for my VO business.

So, until next week… be safe, be smart! We’ll see you next time for Friday Fitness Tip #8!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a fitness expert in any way. I’m not a certified trainer, dietician, or medical doctor… nor do I hold a degree in physical education, dietary science, sports medicine or any other field related to today’s fitness. I am just a normal guy who’s been working out regularly at a gym, 3 - 4 days per week for the last 32 years. I take my health seriously. I figure, I do no service to my profession as a Voice Actor/Voiceover Talent (sometimes on camera) nor to anyone else if I don’t try and maintain good health. And I’ve learned a few things along the way that I’d like to share with you. These ideas work for me and just might work for you. Please see your physician before starting an exercise program. Stay tuned for many more tips! 

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