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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Top 5 Home Remedies for Hoarseness

It’s every voice actor’s worst nightmare - losing your voice right before a recording session. Voice loss and hoarseness are two things we all deal with at some point, though, and there’s not usually a lot you can do other than wait it out. However, if you want to speed up the process, there are a few home remedies that many actors swear by. Here are the top 5:

1.    Honey - Honey is very effective at soothing an irritate throat. It coats the throat and helps reduce inflammation and discomfort. You can try swallowing a spoonful of raw honey a few times a day, or you can mix it in warm water and drink it.

2.    Apple cider vinegar - Millions of people swear by this tangy, multi-purpose liquid, including many VO actors. It has antimicrobial properties that are said to help fight the symptoms of laryngitis, which can cause hoarseness. You can mix it in a glass of warm water to dilute it and make the taste more palatable.

3.    Steam - Hoarseness is sometimes caused by a dry throat, so adding a bit of moisture can help ease the symptoms. You don’t need a special steam machine to enjoy the benefits of a steam treatment, either. Simply boil a large pot of water, add a few drops of essential oil such as lavender or chamomile, put a towel over your head, lean over the pot and inhale. I also keep a small electric burner filled with Eucalyptus oil in it to keep me clear in my recording room.

4.    Cayenne pepper - If you can handle the heat, cayenne pepper can deliver amazing soothing powers to an irritated throat. Try mixing it with a tablespoon of honey and eating it, or you can add a dash of it with some lemon juice to warm water and drink it.

5.    Salt water - Gargling warm salt water is highly effective at reducing voice hoarseness. It helps remove mucous in the throat while reducing irritation. Salt water also acts an antiseptic, which can help treat any infections. 

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