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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Pros and Cons of Listing Your Voice Over Rates on Your Website

Like other industries, the digital marketplace has opened up doors like never before in voice over. Actors are able to create websites to develop an online presence, and they can do virtually anything they want on their site - add work samples, videos, blogs, you name it. One area that’s still hotly debated though is whether or not you should include voice over rates on your website. Here are the pros and cons of doing so:

The main benefit to including your voice over rates on your website is in the time savings that results for both you and clients. Having your rates posted can speed up the negotiation process between you and potential clients. The fees are clearly listed, so all that’s left to discuss is the work scope and deadline - there’s no haggling and back-and-forth about costs. Many clients also appreciate the fact that the rates are readily available, so they can find an actor that fits into their budget without having to contact each individual and request their rates.

There’s really only one con I can think of that may occur when you post your rates on your website, and that’s drawing the client’s attention away from what really matters - your expertise and skills. Your client may be focused more on the fees than on what you have to offer, which isn’t where you want their focus to be. I've decided to keep rates off of my website giving a client a greater opportunity to contact me and discuss the project at hand. 

Deciding whether or not to include your rate structure on your website is completely up to you. Many actors find that posting their fees increases client contacts, while others prefer to discuss this aspect privately. Some also structure their rates according to specific projects or clients, so there is room for negotiation. It’s a personal decision, and one that you should weigh against the pros and cons. You could also talk to other VO artists in your network to see what they do before making your decision. 

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