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Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Fitness Tip #8 From a 32 Year Fitness Novice

When it comes to physical fitness, there is no shortage of opinion out there. And if you’ve been following this blog you’ve no doubt read about mine in seven tips prior to this one. I believe the only intelligent thing to do when seeking the truth on just about any issue, is to research several different sources and make up your own mind using your good judgment. 

Having said that, there are a few fitness facts that you can count on. Although, there may be controversy with in them. As I’ve stated in my disclaimer, I’m not an expert in the field of health and fitness. Rather, just a guy who has been dedicated to a life of fitness for at least 32 years now. Here are a few facts:

Protein and Carbohydrates
Basically the science behind these complex molecules is they are known to promote growth and build and repair tissue. When the human body is stimulated, they go into action. Exercising promotes cell growth. The most palatable protein sources are from plants as opposed to animal sources. Plant protein breaks down faster and is a more efficient cell builder.

Carbohydrates are best when derived from fruits and vegetables just as using monounsaturated fats… Olive Oil, Canola Oil and Omega 3 oils … are healthier than animal fats and oils. At least, in regard to contributing to Cancer causes. Refined carbs such as white sugar, white rice and processed cereals raise insulin levels and cause the storing of excess body fat. Unrefined carbs like whole wheat, brown rice and bran cereals increase fiber, digest slower and burn off easier. 

During and after exercise, carbs provide the “fuel” to the body, while protein provides the strength and stamina for growth. So, your body needs a balance of both to sustain good health. 
Especially when on a steady, rigorous exercise program. Feed your body the fuel it needs to promote healthy growth!

Weight Loss
I can’t say that I’ve ever had a weight gain problem, however, I know that the science… back to science… of weight loss occurs when the body burns off more calories than it takes in. When the reverse happens, unused calories turn to fat and are stored in the waist, hips and butts of most people. I believe that all the healthy dieting, pill and supplement taking in the world won’t take the place of good ol’ fashion exercise done in conjunction with a well balanced diet. 
Here’s a link to a calorie chart suggesting the average caloric requirement, depending on age, gender, activity level, etc. http://www.webmd.com/diet/estimated-calorie-requirement 
Again, a warning: Do not begin any diet or exercise program without consulting your physician first.

Heavy Weights vs Light Weights
When working out it’s basically simple physics and chemistry. Heavy weights build “bulk”, 
lighter weights build longer, leaner muscle. Both will tone, shape and strengthen. Most of us, men and women, are not really interested in building much extra bulk. But are interested in keeping our muscles, heart and circulatory system in good shape. Although it may not hurt
once in a while to lift heavier weights when you’re fully warmed up, lighter weights are they way to go while using those slick weight machines. Which are much more practical than using barbells or free weights. You need only look at the football linebacker’s body and the swimmer’s body to see the great differences in function and appearance. 

Work Out Everyday vs Every Other Day
It takes 24-36 hours for healthy muscle cells to build. During body recovery time, between workouts, muscle cells are multiplying and your skeletal, nervous and circulatory systems are aiding in the process. Maintaining good overall body function. So it’s important to let your body rest on your days off. However, that doesn’t mean just sitting at your computer all day and evening. Keep your body/mind stimulated with a walk around the block, a half an hour on a treadmill, a bike or playing catch with your son or daughter. I work out just 3 days per week (sometimes 4 on a freed up weekend day) for about 2 hours each time…. usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. On my off days, I may use my bike, ride my horse or just walk.

Mac vs PC
Ha… ! I’m not about to go there!!!

Meantime, I’ll see you again next time for Friday Fitness Tip #9!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a fitness expert in any way. I’m not a certified trainer, dietician, or medical doctor… nor do I hold a degree in physical education, dietary science, sports medicine or any other field related to today’s fitness. I am just a normal guy who’s been working out regularly at a gym, 3 - 4 days per week for the last 32 years. I take my health seriously. I figure, I do no service to my profession as a Voice Actor/Voiceover Talent (sometimes on camera) nor to anyone else if I don’t try and maintain good health. And I’ve learned a few things along the way that I’d like to share with you. These ideas work for me and just might work for you. Please consult with your physician before starting an exercise program. Stay tuned for many more tips!  

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