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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Twitter Tips for Voice Over Actors

Having a variety of social media platforms in your marketing arsenal is definitely a good thing - it’s more opportunities for outreach. However, the real trick is knowing how to use each of them effectively, as there are key differences in how each is used. For instance, the content you post on Facebook isn’t going to always be the same as what you put on Twitter. If you’ve got a Twitter account, here are 7 tweeting tips for maximizing your outreach.

1.    Tweet often. If you want your followers to continue following you - and add new followers while you’re at it - you need to keep your account active. Plan on daily or near-daily Twitter posts to keep your name in the minds of your followers.
2.    Make your posts count. While you should post often, it will get tiresome for people if what you’re posting isn’t fresh and relevant. Make each tweet count by posting things that YOU would want to read if other people were posting them. Avoid the mundane, mindless posts that are obvious attempts to tweet just for the sake of tweeting.
3.    Easy with the hashtags. Including hashtags is just part of being in the Twitterverse, but there’s no need to hashtag everything you can think of. Limit yourself to three or less, and make them worthwhile.
4.    Build a rapport with your followers. Interact with your followers so you can build a rapport; not only is it good manners to respond to people, it will also make people care more about you and what you’re about.
5.    Don’t limit yourself to VO talk. Obviously, much of what you tweet will be related to voice over, and that’s how it should be. However, don’t make it 100% geared toward VO. You’re a multi-faceted person, and your social media should reflect that. You'll find many other people may have the same outside interests as you do.
6.    Post original content. Make sure that your account contains plenty of original posts that define you and your brand. Originality will help your followers get to know you.
7.    Re-tweet. Sharing content is also important; if you see something you like, re-tweet it. Not only does it help you develop more connections with others, it makes your account well-rounded. 

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