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Thursday, December 10, 2015

3 Tips for More Effective Collaboration

There are plenty of voice actors out there who are the package deal - they handle everything from the voice recording to storyboard creation to final edits. Not all of us are so multi-talented though, and we require a team of individuals to get the job done. With the right crew and the right approach, this type of collaboration can result in some really great experiences. However, with so many people providing input into a project, there is always the potential for some bumps in the road. To avoid these, use these 3 tips to keep collaboration effective and running smoothly.

1.    Communicate often and effectively. When you’re working with others toward a shared goal, you have to keep the lines of communication open. Being able to update one another on the project’s progress, bounce ideas off each other, and provide feedback is essential for creating a product you can all be proud of. Everyone should have a voice, and all voices should be respected. Speak regularly through whatever platform you prefer - phone, email, text, video chat - whatever it takes to keep you all on the same page.

2.    Stay on the same page - Speaking of keeping everyone on the same page, you have to do this if you want successful collaborative experiences!  This starts with clear direction from the top about what is expected from each person and what the desired outcome is. Each person also needs a solid understanding of their role and how it fits with those of other team members. Everyone must work with the understanding that their piece fits together with everyone else’s to create the larger product.

3.    Respect and appreciation for all involved - Everyone involved in the project plays an important part, and no one person is more valuable than another. Everyone in the group must respect the others, and recognize that without them, the project won’t be complete.  Group dynamics can be a funny thing sometimes, and it’s vital that each person on the team feel appreciated and like they’re a valuable part of the crew. 

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