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Monday, September 7, 2015

Are Narration Voice Over Demo Videos the Wave of the Future?

Creating a demo reel is a must for any voice over actor.  As I’ve talked about before on the blog, demos are one of your best methods for finding and getting work – they allow agents and producers to get an idea of your unique sound and how it can fit in with their projects.  In the past, these demos were purely audio-based, but now, more and more actors are turning to narration video demos to market their brand.  This raises the question – are these videos the new standard in demos?

The answer to this isn’t easy.  While video demos are definitely becoming more popular among voice over actors, there are still plenty of places were audio demos will do the trick.  However, there is something to be said for the advantages that come with providing a video in addition to your audio piece.  For one, we live in a world where imagery is king.  People want to see, and not just hear. Providing them with video can make for a richer viewing/listening experience, with your audience getting more out of it. Many of my clients use my VO work within their videos. Be they for TV broadcast, film, web viewing, corporate presentations, trade shows, product illustration, explainer & how-to videos, games or any other type of popular visual media, my clients have said they get a chance to see how others are incorporating my work into their projects. Which reinforces my work as an established full time professional voice actor.

The images you choose can also help promote the emotions you want your listener to feel.  For instance, in my video demo, there is a piece I did for the show “Addicted to the Outdoors.”   This is a perfect example of how audio alone isn’t always enough.  In this case, while the audio may sound fine on its own, it’s the addition of the video images that really elevate this sample to the next level.  Showing your audience what you are talking about immerses them in the experience, and can even help them tune in better to nuances in the audio they might miss otherwise.

So, what’s the bottom line here?  The bottom line is you should absolutely add a voice over narration video to your repertoire.   Videos can enhance your reading and create a better overall experience for your audience.  Whether these types of demos are the wave of future is still being determined, but as with everything in life, it never hurts to be ready for what lies ahead.

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