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Monday, August 31, 2015

Does Submitting Your Audition Early Really Matter?

People new to the voice over industry have tons of questions – what’s my niche, do I need an agent, should I join a union, etc. Whether or not to submit your audition early seems to be another common question that many newbies have as well.  So let’s get right to the answer – yes, you should submit your demo as soon as possible.  Here’s why:

You’re Almost Certain to be Heard
The sooner you provide your audition track, the more likely you are to be heard by the casting agent.  As an example, let’s say a gig opens up for a read that you know you’d be a perfect fit for.  Now let’s say 50 other people also have the same thought as you.  If you are one of the first, say 5 or 10, to get your audition in, you know the agent is going to hear you because that’s all he or she has to work with thus far. As the old adage goes, the early bird gets the worm.

You Set the Bar
In addition to being heard – which is the first step in landing the job – you also have the opportunity to set the bar high if you’re one of the first submitters.  Assuming that you have the sound the agent is looking for, they will short-list you as a potential candidate AND use your voice as the barometer against all the competition.  This gives you a huge advantage because it solidifies your sound in the mind of the agent.

Long Listening Leads to Numbness
Another reason why it’s a good idea to provide your audition ASAP is because listening to demos over and over can lead to mental burnout.  This numbness can make the casting agent more likely to go with one of the previous voices they liked, rather than continue to listen to more tracks.

The moral of this story is to submit your audition as soon as you can.  While it won’t guarantee that you’ll get the job, it will definitely improve your chances. 

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