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Monday, August 10, 2015

5 Great Things about Being a Voice Over Actor

Working in the voice over industry is a lot of things – challenging, demanding, and competitive to name just a few.  However, it’s also....awesome!  There are so many wonderful things about being a voice over actor, and it’s a career choice that I’m sure most don’t regret once they get started.  If you’re considering turning your voice into a viable career, here are five of the best things about being a voice over actor.

1. It’s always interesting! As a voice over actor, you’re always kept on your toes. You never know what type of job you may be doing a week or a month in the future, so the work always stays interesting.  One week you may be voicing a video character, and the next you might be narrating a how-to manual for a software corporation or voicing the latest episode of that TV program you love. With this type of variety, there’s always something new to learn and the work stays fresh and exciting.

2. There’s always room for growth. Actors always have room for growth, both personally and professionally.  In terms of personal growth, you’re always honing your skills and trying new things to expand your natural talent – you have to if you want to stay relevant.  Professional growth is another huge element, especially now when the VO industry is booming. There are literally thousands of job opportunities in voice over that didn't exist ten or twenty years ago.

3. You get to decide what you want to work on. You can also be very selective about voice over work. If you’re offered a project but you don’t think it’s something you’re interested in, you don’t have to take it. You get to pick and choose your work, which is something that not everyone has in their career.  In this same vein, you also have more freedom about when you want to work, especially if you do your VO recordings from a home studio.

4. The income potential is huge. Millions of dollars are paid out each year to voice over actors. While some may never make it big in the industry, the potential is there for maximum return on your investment.  If you’re talented, a hard worker, utilize effective business skills and have a good reputation among those who produce VO projects, your income will reflect that.

5. You’ll meet some amazing people.  You’ll meet a lot of people doing voice over work.  From other actors to agents to producers and other behind-the-scenes personnel, there are some amazing and talented people in the industry – and you’ll get to meet them doing voice over! Even though most of your work these days will be recorded in your home studio, you'll be laying the groundwork to meet your clients whenever possible. 

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