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Monday, July 27, 2015

Tips for Working with Voice Over Talent

Most of my blogs so far have been directed toward voice over actors themselves, but now I’m turning the tables. This time, I’m speaking directly to agents, talent scouts, producers, and anyone who works with the actors.  As you may already know, there are certain things you can do to help your talent and ensure a more successful project.  Here are a few tips for improving the dynamic between you and your voice actors and making the VO process a smooth one.

  • Describe the demographic you’re hoping to reach. Be sure to let the voice actors you work with know who your intended audience is. Not only will this help them better understand the project, it will also assist them in developing a mental picture of who they’re trying to reach so they can focus on that particular demographic. 
  • Be descriptive in your language and expectations and provide as much direction as you can to the actor.  All too often, actors are given the bare minimum when it comes to direction.  Just saying, “Be perky” doesn’t cut it. Use descriptive language – and not just a couple of words either – to better convey what you want.
  • Give examples. Building on the previous point, providing examples of what your goal is will help your talent know exactly what you want.  Try to have a sample or two of a similar project handy to serve as a guide.
  • Don’t complicate the script. Having a well-organized and easy-to-read script can make a world of difference.  Be sure to provide your actor with a clean copy, free of revisions and edits and without multiple parts or other pieces that can cause confusion.
  • Be clear about what will happen during post-production. Once the voice over component has been recorded, there may still be some questions about what comes next, such as who is handling the editing or how many takes you expect to have to choose from.  Fill your actor in on this information going into the project to avoid these questions. 

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