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Monday, June 1, 2015

Voice Over Networking Tips

Whether you’re a voice over veteran or you’ve only just begun in this exciting field, you’re probably aware that networking is an important part of finding success.  Making connections within the industry can help you develop your talent and make important contacts with agents and other artists.  Here are a few tips to help you as you navigate the complex waters of voice over networking.

  •    Make as many contacts as you can.  Sure, you may sign up for a workshop or attend a seminar with one particular goal in mind, or with the hope of meeting a specific person, but don’t limit yourself to that.  Reach out to as many people as possible and keep in mind that sometimes the best opportunities can come from the most unexpected sources.
  •   Be consistent with your attendance at conference and other networking opportunities.  Regularly taking part in events, even if it’s the same events year after year, will make your face – and your unique voice – recognizable in the industry.
  •   Know your specialty. Successful voice over actors are the ones who have found their niche; in other words, they have a unique sound that fits a certain criteria, and they play to that strength.  When networking, know what your specialty is and be ready to describe it to others.
  •    Think about others’ needs too.  While you may know exactly what you have to offer, remember that other people may be looking for something else.  Instead of trying to convince them that they need you, learn what their needs are first and then decide if it’s worth your and their time.
  •     Remember that networking goes both ways – helping yourself AND helping others.  Making positive connections and helping others advance their careers as well as your own will help you build a good reputation and expand your networking base, which will  help you in the long run!

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