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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Finding Your Niche as a Voice Over Actor

Any experienced voice over actor will tell you that it’s important to find your niche in this profession. There are a number of different genres and styles of voice over, from radio ads to video game voices to museum guides, and not every actor is suited to every genre. When you’re just starting out, it’s vital to figure out just where you fit in and where exactly your talents lie.

Discover Your Strengths (and your Weaknesses)
Spend some time practicing a variety of voices to help determine your strengths.  Listen to voices from different genres, and try to mimic them. You’ll notice that different genres have entirely different sounds, so use them as a model and try to recreate that unique sound.  Be sure to record yourself, and as you listen back to it, you’ll begin to see which styles work best for your sound.

Type Casting isn’t always a Bad Thing
In the voice over profession, there are thousands of other voices competing for the same work. Oftentimes, employers or agents will be on the lookout for a very specific sound. They don’t want to wade through hundreds of voices to find what they’re looking for, so it can be helpful to type cast yourself. Having a well-defined sound and style can make it easier for you to land work.

Market Your Specialty

One you’ve found your voice over specialty, it’s time to market it. If you already have an agent, he or she can help you do this, but what if you don’t have an agent?  This actually can be a good thing.  When you’re searching for an agent, already knowing what your niche is can help you make the right connections. Most reputable agents are very particular about who they take on, and they are looking for voice over actors to fill genre vacancies in their rosters.  With an already-defined niche, you’ll save time and effort for them and yourself. 

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