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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From the article in The Man Mag of Middle Tennessee, February-March 2015 Issue

Creating a Dream Job

Is a job ever more than that? When does it cross the line from work to passion? For Rick Lance, that line was long ago crossed, and it’s now become something he looks forward to day after day, pushing his talent and creativity into a passion for voice-overs that has had him working on everything from commercials to full-length documentaries.

A native of Western Pennsylvania, Rick moved to Tennessee to develop his passion for music. Over a period of years, he worked in the music industry, did some acting work, and served as a commercial photographer. While successful in each, he didn’t find that perfect match until he did a voiceover for a commercial. It was a good fit, but he only worked in the medium on a part-time basis. A decade ago, he took it on full time. His specialty? A serious southern accent from almost any part of the south. Perhaps the funniest part of the equation is that he doesn’t even have a southern accent outside of the recording booth.

While Rick works on a number of different projects, some of his biggest have been for the outdoors industry including three hunting shows: Addicted to the Outdoors, Country Boys Outdoors, and Headhunter Chronicles.  He’s also done some work with other related industries including ranching, farming, and the rodeo. Rick hardly limits himself to those areas, though. He’s handled commercials, guided museum tours, and corporate training videos for almost every industry. His biggest project to date has been the full-length animated movie Yellow Day that will be released in theaters in 2015.

Rick currently works from his personal dream studio on his six-acre mini-ranch in Spring Hill, Tennessee, where he lives with his wife Mickie, a dog and two cats, and two horses. To learn more about Rick’s work, click here now.


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