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Thursday, November 10, 2011

HOME FREE, A Tribute to the American Veteran

Still going strong!

On November 11, 2003, Home Free , A Tribute to the American Veteran CD was realeased. This compilation of country artists is just as relevant today as it was back then. Sales, mainly in digital downloads, continue year round for this proud 12-track collection of passionate first-rate recordings by some of country musics hottest artists. Showcasing material written by some of Nashville’s greatest songwriters. The artists are, T. Graham Brown with the title track, Ricochet, Moe Bandy, Don Ellis Gatlin, Lane Brody, Corbin Hanner, James Dean Hicks, Chris Ward, Sheri Jo Porter, Chandler, New Glory and myself.

Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT another cheesy collection of patriotic music. I know this because I co-produced this project with hit songwriter Bob Corbin (Corbin Hanner Band). I was responsible for finding all the material, matching it up with the artists, doing all the legal paperwork on my Duke Records label, recording the artists in the studio, getting the tracks mastered and prepared for CD pressing and more.

Some of you may know that I worked in the Nashville music scene for several years. Singing demos, songwriting and trying to establish myself firmly as a recording artist and chasing after the allusive big record deal. After years of struggling and a few minor hits, I decided to begin my Voice Acting career in 1993. And today I am happily applying my vocal abilities in a similar way.

But more to the point of this benefit CD. In the Fall of 2001 after submitting my 1999 recording of Sarge to the CD sponsors, Veterans Outreach, a non-profit registered 501C3 organization headed by founder, John Ely, I was invited onto the project. Because of my knowledge of Nashville’s music business and friendships with some of the artists on the CD, I was asked to produce the project as well. I even worked with my old friend, graphic designer/art director, Richard Cook to design and photograph the CD package. (I had a commercial photography business in Nashville for almost 20 years) the cover photo you see above is part of our cooperative effort.

Working on this project for well over a year, this became one of the most challenging, meticulous endeavors I’ve ever been involved with. And with it came a lot of responsibility to make sure the project was concepted, constructed and launched effectively. But I can always say it was a labor of love... an honor helping to create something of such lasting value.

The HOME FREE CD can be purchased as a unit or as indivual downloads on many music websites including Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, Rhaspsody and many more where you can sample each track from the compilation. Please give particular attention this Veterans' Day to the track, The Unknown Soldier (Tedd French/Bob Dellaposta writers) sung by Don Ellis Gatlin. You will be brought to tears... I promise you!

From the bottom of my heart, as a US Navy veteran and a responsible, freedom loving American, I salute those men and women of our military services who have so proudly served this country.

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