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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Very First Blog Post Newsletter #10

Rick Lance                                  
The Voice of Americana

Hello Visitor ,

Do you ever wish you could go back to a simpler time? Perhaps back to the day when you were just a kid growing up. Or maybe just imagine a time when life in America was less complicated, less high-tech, less worrisome. When the foundations of today's industries were just being laid. Small businesses flourished and became the backbone of American life as we know it.

Health Care is one of those industries that started out with the small town doctor (who made house calls) and grew into today's mega sized medical industry. In spite of that growth, or perhaps because of it, caring companies like Life Care Centers of America are reaching out to local communities across the nation to simplify people's lives by offering short term rehab services. Please click HERE to watch the second TV ad in our campaign fostering this service within some 225 communities across America. (Produced by LCCA) I'm proud to be their voice. Knowing I'm speaking directly to the people I can relate to the most... everyday, ordinary folk.

There is no industry more basic to America than Agriculture. Yes, we often take our nation's farmers for granted. Yet, we were all farmers in the beginning when we were building and settling our country. Today's farmers are fewer in number, no doubt. But their work is more critical and efficient than ever before thanks to great strides being made in Agricultural Science. You may not think about it often but a lot of technology and research goes into the food we consume and export. One of these companies utilizing technology while creating organic products is Kamut International, specifically their Khorasan wheat grain. This nutty, buttery, tasty grain has an unusual origin. Please click HERE for the short story. 
Produced by D S Simon Productions, Inc, NY.

I enjoy supporting the basic industries of America that keep us moving and keep us healthy as a nation. Do you have a client who needs to get their message out to America and the world? After painstakingly writing that copy/script and all its revisions, have you had trouble finding that "earthy, storytelling, convincing and believable" voice to match your copy?" This is the niche that I work in. And what puts the food on my table. Perhaps I can help you set your table!
If you'd like to discuss a project please let me know or visit my website at www.ricklancestudio.com.

Thanks for your interest and referrals!

Cheers... to your health!


Rick Lance 
Rick Lance Studio
615 302-2812

Working on camera too!

Voice Actor/Audio Producer
The Voice of Americana

                        "Serving the basic industries that keep America moving."

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